Taking the Bus E-mail

Public transportation—especially the bus—is a safe, efficient, fast, and affordable way to travel that can help solve environmental and economical issues. America is home to nearly a third of the total amount of cars in the world. Our crowded roadways are choking our environment with noise and carbon dioxide emissions. More bus companies can also help create jobs during these tough economical times.

In Morgantown, the Mountain Line travels more than 900,000 miles per year with more than 1,100 hours of service per week. There are a number of transfers and connections available to meet your needs. Unlike some of our big-city brothers, Mountain Line offers customer-friendly service to meet Your needs. Buses will stop for you anywhere along the designated route. All you need to do is wait in a safe location and wave to the driver as the bus approaches. No need to hike to a bus stop to catch the bus.

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